Every day we set a new world record for the Internet adoption worldwide. This year there will be more than 4.5 billion active internet users. This constitutes roughly 60% of the world population. The Internet is bigger than ever but it is also the least free and the most centralized than it has ever been. The web is being dominated by megacorps that have one main goal in mind: to lock in as many people as possible into their walled gardens and to make the fastest buck by selling data about their identity, habits and desires.

People are becoming more…

Movie still from Ex Machina

I have always been interested in the subject of Artificial Intelligence. It is because by building AI we are learning valuable lessons about ourselves. After all, we consider us to be intelligent, but are not really sure what that means. AI is an attempt to reverse engineer our mind and to define intelligence by creating an abstracted version of it. Can AI become smarter than us? What is the true nature of intelligence? These are the questions that make me wonder.

Very recently there have been some astonishing AI advancements with models based on Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). Apparently today…

We need a new way to subscribe to the world wide web

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In this post I want to propose structure for a decentralized public social network. By combining web documents, decentralized databases and decentralized identity it is possible to create a new way to subscribe to the web.

The proposed social network would consist of three core parts: decentralized social posts, decentralized post indexes (channels) and channel reader platform(s).

1. Social posts

Today all our posts are the property of a social network company. You don’t have ownership rights to them and they can be lost, deleted or removed by the company any time. …

Broadcasting into the Void

The internet is decentralized by design. It took off with hackers running independent servers in their basements. Direct peer-to-peer communication was common among the first inhabitants of the web. The internet was a liberating force that connected and empowered people. The ability to send information instantly to any corner of the world seemed surreal and fascinating.

As more and more of the population joined, the net became more convenient. It shifted towards centralized services and walled gardens. We have waived our rights for the faster, sleeker experience which gradually turned into ad-ridden, attention-grabbing nightmare that we face today. Nowadays, the…

The term Software Engineering was coined in NATO conference back in 1968. This title was considered provocative at the time. It was used to encourage the software industry to improve predictability and quality of development process. Today the job title Software Engineer is widely adopted, however engineering-programming connection is still being questioned. Software-engineering mindset has yet to give us some silver-bullet method that considerably improves quality of programming products. Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at the complicated programming-engineering relationship and what it means for the future of software development.

Computer programming has always been intertwined with traditional…

Computer programs are all around us. We interact with them every day. It looks as if software is becoming more and more important to our society. But why do we find programs so necessary to us? Why and when did we start programming? What is the essence of programming? These questions might sound trivial, but I feel that today we still don’t have a good definition of what programming is. Maybe this post can help to change that.

It is pretty hard to define programming because it is so diverse. One can program games, mobile apps, websites, compilers, simulations and…

Tautvilas Mečinskas

Developer, CTO, dad. Sometimes I make jokes.

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